Baseball: It’s more than just a game.

Head coach, Dennis Sharp, of our local American Legion Baseball team, Metro East Bears, explains the importance of this organization and the mentality both coaches and players take with them on to the field.

He reminds his players that, “American Legion signifies that a group of men and women one day went to fight a war. And they fought that war to give us a liberty and freedom to basically express yourself and be able to march in a parade, to play baseball, to do and enjoy the freedoms that we have as Americans.”

Watch Head Coach, Dennis Sharp explain the impact that American Legion Baseball has on our local community.



The City of Edwardsville is this year’s proud title sponsor for the Great Lakes Regional Tournament!

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The Mayor of Edwardsville, Hal Patton, shares the positive impact this tournament will have on our community and how the city has many things to offer our visitors.



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