Today in our sponsor highlight, we begin with Matt McSparin from Edison’s Entertainment Complex. He reminds us that “this really truly is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime event”. edisonsfun-logo


This event is really exciting for everyone involved and having the help of our sponsors makes this event that much more powerful for our players. The players know “that they’re just that one step away from a World Series event…which is being broadcast on ESPN. It’s a significant happening…I really want them to look up and one of those games and say “man these these stands are are pretty full” and I want them to feel that jolt of electricity going through their their body, feeling like this is the big time. To them it is the big time.”

We want to personally thank Matt for all the personal time he’s taken organizing this event; his passion for it honestly shows. Matt will also be hosting the Tournament Banquet at Edison’s on Tuesday night for the players. He’ll truly make them feel like this is the big time!

edwardsvilletodaylogo1The second sponsor we’re highlight today, John Hentrich from EdGlen Today, reminds us how mentoring involvement can be simple yet so impactful. Our youth today are looking for real-life skills building activities that build character and give them a sense of accomplishment. We’re grateful that EdGlen Today has chosen the Great Lakes American Legion Tournament as one of those events!



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