There’s nothing like community support around sports, especially baseball. American Legion Baseball has nearly a century of service and life-changing accomplishments. To have support from the Bank of Edwardsville and Roberts Motors means continued support of our youths.

Adam Davis, Bank of Edwardsville’s center manager, reminds us the central role sports can take in shaping our youth and how the lessons learned go way beyond on the field in life.

“If you go out there and support your teammates, you learn life lessons that you just won’t learn anywhere else.”

BOElogo (1)“They’re going to learn teamwork, the value of hard work, the value of being prepared, and how practice pays off. You know it’s one of those lessons that you just won’t learn anywhere else outside of competitive sports.”



Roberts logo1 Sam Roberts from Roberts Motors reminds us how American Legion “baseball gives youth an opportunity to get a foothold…it’s a huge opportunity for young men to get started.”

Supporting American Legion Baseball is more than supporting the sport. These sponsors are supporting the future of our youth.

“I’d rather watch them play baseball like we did last year then see the pros play. I mean these guys got their heart into it it’s not a payroll. You know they play because of the love of the game.”

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